Saturday, December 08, 2007

War at the Football Field

This was last nights nightmare. I was going to watch some football game at the school where my brother went to high school. We were going to go sit in the bleachers but were told not to. Apparently the "enemy" was going to be sitting in the bleachers and we had to set the bombs before they arrived.

We were all handed our 'bombs' to spread throughout the bleachers. These bombs looked like, if I remember from my day in the pharmacy, Celebrex tablets. The bombs were white capsules with two little blue rings on them. We scattered them as if they were birdseed.

Then things started going really wrong. It ended up we were going to be sitting in the bleachers that we just put the bombs in. OH NO! The bleachers were filling up. I could see a bunch of kids that my brother went to school with and my mom. I ran to my mom to warn her and as I did a church that was off in the distance blew up. We could all see it. Then a building in the field next to the church blew up. I knew they were going to blow up the bleachers soon. I had to save my family.

I ran to my mom to tell her there were bombs in the bleachers and that I couldn't find Dad and she had to get out of there. She said "no, if your Dad's not here then I'm okay "going" this way."

Well okay lady, fine with me. I ran to go find my Dad. I just knew he could talk some sense into her. Just then soldiers were coming into the bleachers off of the big yellow school bus. I scrunched my shoulders up, squinted my eyes and ducked my head like you do when you're anticipating something going to wack you on the head and apparently this was the key to getting past the soldiers. They couldn't see me. I was able to run right by them to the front of the bus. Maybe squinting in dreams gives you invisibility powers? Who knows.

On the bus was my cousin Jason (who I haven't seen in real life for YEARS) and he was a rock star. He was telling me that nobody was going to kill him because he had this kick ass car and he needed to get off this bus and into his car. He pointed to his car and as he did it exploded. He stayed on the bus and crawled into a little cubby hole where you're supposed to put suitcases. Some rockstar!

I finally saw my Dad. He was wearing blue jean shorts, knee socks and tennis shoes with a grey t-shirt. I'd recognize that guy anywhere, even in my dreams!

He was okay and he knew a way out of the fields so we'd be safe. More soldiers walked by and we both did the scrunch-shoulders-squint-eyes-duck-head maneuver and got past them. We were going into the nearby forest when...

I woke up and had to pee.

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