Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mom at the airport

I dreamed that I went to the airport with Marco to pick up my mom. When we got there we walked to the first terminal and there she was dragging her carry on bag up the aisle towards us. I ran to her and immediately started crying. I remember hugging her so tight in my dream and just crying tears of joy that she was really there. I didn't let her go for a very long time. We continued to get the rest of her luggage, walk through the airport, get in the car... and the entire time I was bawling because I was so happy to have her here with me.

This dream has an obvious direct correlation between the fact that yesterday my mom told me she was getting her passport all in line so she can come see us after the baby is born. She'll come in September. It will be her first trip here and I cannot wait for her to arrive! I haven't seen anybody in my family since April of last year when we were in the US and I miss them dearly.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dirty doctors

I woke up from being in the doctor's office and looked in the mirror. I had little metal rings all over my upper lip and chin, looking like metal pimples. Each tiny ring had a long black chord hanging out of it, looking like hair.

I looked very closely at one and touched it. I squeezed it and it popped out of my face, black cord and all! I went to the doctor and said "what in the world did you do to my face?"

The doctor looked at me blankly and said "we didn't touch your face".

I said "these little metal pimples weren't here when I arrived!"

He said "okay, you're right, we did put those in your face. Don't you like them?"

I said "no! You have to take them out right now!"

So the nurse came and started squeezing all the little metal rings out of my upper lip and chin and I had all of these painful scabs on my face.

I woke up, metal free.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Guns, grandma and warthogs.

I was with my friend Alexandra and we were with this group of people who had illegal guns in this hotel. We were very afraid of what was going on but didn't dare say anything for fear of being killed. We finally found where they were hiding the guns in a hidden hole under the floor in this one room that was like an apartment. We decided it was best if we tried to get away from these people as they were taking the guns out and getting ready to use them somewhere. We hid in the shower behind the curtain which was a dark hunter green color. Alexandra frantically waved me into the shower and we hid there quietly as all of the gun people ran around the room and finally out the door.

When it was safe we left the shower and went outside where my Uncle was going to go see my grandma. I wanted to go to so we got in the car. When we got to her house there was a very steep set of rickety steps leading up to her house. I remember thinking that I doubted my grandma lived up there because she couldn't walk very well and these steps would be hard for her to get up and down. I climbed up and sure enough, there she was.

Next thing I knew I was at my sister's house and we were watching her kids run around and my dog was playing in the yard. He was running around and barking. I was arguing with my sister because her son didn't have any clothes on, just underwear. When I looked at her to talk to her a warthog walked in a put it's head on her lap. I screamed "what is that!" and her and her husband explained that they were going to kill the warthogs at the pound and they just couldn't let that happen so they decided to bring them home. A second warthog walked in but their skin was really brown and shiny and looked like light brown raisins. I just knew in my heart that this warthog was going to attack my nephew B and my sister said "well B will have to learn how to run faster". I was appalled. Then I woke up.

I trip to the ice cream shop

Marco and I went to an ice cream shop and when we stepped in the door it was jam packed with people. The most amazing part was the line of ice creams. The shop was a big as a warehouse and had all different flavors of ice cream, there must have been a thousand different kinds all lined up down the length of the enormous building.

I remember feeling rushed by the "dipper" behind the counter, kind of like the soup Nazi on Seinfeld. I knew I had to make my decisions and I had to do them quickly. I also knew that I had to chose 5 different kinds. I chose orange, lemon and mint chocolate chip (which was white, not green and I was worried about that fact in the dream). I don't remember what my other two scoops were but when I was done ordering the dipper man took my ice cream in his hand, pressed it into a ball and rolled it in a vat of crushed nuts. I don't like crushed nuts but I knew I couldn't argue. Then he threw my ball of ice cream into a deep fryer and finally handed it to me. I was so disappointed and grossed out.

I turned to Marco and told him he should be sure to ask for no nuts and he should order orange and lemon. Then I woke up.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christmas Shopping/Mean Sister/Korean Murderer/Keith

In this dream I was at Thanksgiving with my family and we decided to go shopping for Christmas in a great big warehouse store. We were walking through the warehouse and everybody in it was kid sized but not really kids. They weren't midgets or little people, just really small adults. Everybody was having the climb on ladders to reach anything.

We didn't like anything at the store so we went back home where I saw my sister. For some reason I was being really mean to her and calling her horrible names. Eventually I stopped being a horrible person and I went into the house where my family was.

I saw the food for Thanksgiving dinner and was mad because my Mom wasn't making anything I liked. I kept asking her to please making something that I liked and she wouldn't. Eventually she decided to make potato salad. I was helping her with that when my Aunt Doris announced that our little Korean kid, who apparently was our cousin, was being honored for murdering in the war. It was a tradition that when he came back from the murders he had to eat hot pie that came directly out of the oven in a ceremony. He was getting ready for the ceremony when we started dancing. I danced with Marco but when the song was over my friend Keith was waving to me and mouthing that next time he wanted to dance with me. I said okay.

The hot pie eating ceremony was beginning and the little Korean murdering boy was dressed all in white with a big puffy chefs hat on. Then I was awake.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Pattern Picking, Nice Kitchen, Broken Goods, Subway Rudeness

I was dreaming that I was with my Grandma and she was telling me how she wanted to make some new clothes for herself, something she would never do in awake life (especially since she passed away, but you know what I mean). So she started picking out patterns to sew that were way too small and she kept saying how she would just add panels to make them fit. We were trying to find the sewing good store and didn't know where it was even though we were in the town where we grew up and knew everybody. The guy we asked told us to find the next road on the left that had a solid white line down the middle of it. The street we were on had a solid white line but all of the other streets had dotted white lines. We could see the next solid line street but on the way we walked past a house that had a beautiful kitchen in it. We walked into this woman's house and told her how beautiful we thought her kitchen was but when you got inside the house you found that the kitchen was the only room and she had a little mini bed and the toilet was off in the corner.

Then I was going to the market store with Marco and all the goods they were selling were broken. There was a broken record player there that the guy kept telling me I should buy but the only thing left of the record player was the arm and the needle, the place where you actually put the record was busted off. I said I didn't want it so then he shoes me a red and yellow plastic toy typewriter that was connected to a wooden box with speakers in it. He told me I really should buy that because then I could listen to REO Speedwagon any time I wanted to (HA!). We decided to leave the market and had to get in line to go through the gate to get out of the building. Marco was so rude and just cut in line in front of everybody to get out faster and I was embarrassed. Before we left we decided to go to Subway and eat lunch. It was a do-it-yourself Subway and I was making my BLT the worker came up to me asking me what I was making in a snotty tone. I said a BLT (and it looked really good!) and he was really mad and asked me if I was from around there. That pissed me off and I said "why is that any of your business and what's it matter" and was really mad. Then I woke up.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Conga Line & Floating Naked Down the River

I can remember two of my dreams from last night, although not in their entirety which could be a good thing.

Firstly I was in some room at a party of sorts and I needed to leave. Marco had just walked out the door and I wanted to go with him but when I started walking towards the door a conga line started and I just couldn't get out of it. Every time it would wind up around the door and I thought I could leave they would yell "hey" and it'd be time to kick up my leg and I would miss the opportunity. It was extremely frustrating. In awake life I hate conga lines and now I do in my dreams as well.

The second dream was bizarre. I was at this corn field by a river at a camp of sorts and there were little chipmunks or beavers or some animals that swim in the water all around. There were people everywhere as well, just like at a normal camp.

I was sitting on a raft on the river with this kid who played in the school band with me when I was in 6th grade named Robby. In awake life I haven't seen this kid since probably 6th grade. We were just talking, sitting on the raft that was connected to the dock. Well I decided that I wanted to make out with this bald guy who was another one of the campers. I called him over to the raft and asked him to sit with us. Of course he also wanted to make out with me (duh!) so we started kissing. I remember feeling that he had some prickly things stuck in his head, like thorns. The next thing I knew we were naked under my comforter making out like crazy and Robby was gone but the raft had disconnected from the dock and we were floating very quickly down this muddy river.

This didn't bother baldy as we continued to make out. I asked him if he had any money because we were going to need to get off the river and take a cab back to camp and he said yes so we continued making out. Eventually I feel asleep on the raft and when I woke up again the bald guy was gone and it was just me on the river on this raft, naked, no money, with my comforter. I remember being panicked. The raft floated to the side of the river eventually in this little city. I asked a passerby what the name of the city was and they told me but I had never heard of it. I had no clue where I was.

I was so worried about where I was going to find clothing because I obviously couldn't just walk around wrapped up in my blanket. I was going to try to find a woman about my shape and size and ask her if I could borrow some of her clothing but all the women I was running into were Muslim women and I didn't want to have to wear the head wrap thingy (the burka) so I didn't want to ask them. For some reason I knew that they wouldn't be able to speak English with me either. I was wandering around the river bank when I finally woke up.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

I've been having some trouble remembering my dreams lately. I think mostly it's because I wake up 4 to 5 times a night to pee and have a new dream between each potty break. I know they've been very strange and very vivid lately but I just can't seem to remember what they were about. The last two nights I know they had to do with giving birth though. In one dream I was Marco, which was strange because I was talking like I was myself but when I looked at myself I was him. Very odd.

I may have to keep a notebook by the toilet so I can remember better.