Monday, January 07, 2008

Pattern Picking, Nice Kitchen, Broken Goods, Subway Rudeness

I was dreaming that I was with my Grandma and she was telling me how she wanted to make some new clothes for herself, something she would never do in awake life (especially since she passed away, but you know what I mean). So she started picking out patterns to sew that were way too small and she kept saying how she would just add panels to make them fit. We were trying to find the sewing good store and didn't know where it was even though we were in the town where we grew up and knew everybody. The guy we asked told us to find the next road on the left that had a solid white line down the middle of it. The street we were on had a solid white line but all of the other streets had dotted white lines. We could see the next solid line street but on the way we walked past a house that had a beautiful kitchen in it. We walked into this woman's house and told her how beautiful we thought her kitchen was but when you got inside the house you found that the kitchen was the only room and she had a little mini bed and the toilet was off in the corner.

Then I was going to the market store with Marco and all the goods they were selling were broken. There was a broken record player there that the guy kept telling me I should buy but the only thing left of the record player was the arm and the needle, the place where you actually put the record was busted off. I said I didn't want it so then he shoes me a red and yellow plastic toy typewriter that was connected to a wooden box with speakers in it. He told me I really should buy that because then I could listen to REO Speedwagon any time I wanted to (HA!). We decided to leave the market and had to get in line to go through the gate to get out of the building. Marco was so rude and just cut in line in front of everybody to get out faster and I was embarrassed. Before we left we decided to go to Subway and eat lunch. It was a do-it-yourself Subway and I was making my BLT the worker came up to me asking me what I was making in a snotty tone. I said a BLT (and it looked really good!) and he was really mad and asked me if I was from around there. That pissed me off and I said "why is that any of your business and what's it matter" and was really mad. Then I woke up.

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