Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Conga Line & Floating Naked Down the River

I can remember two of my dreams from last night, although not in their entirety which could be a good thing.

Firstly I was in some room at a party of sorts and I needed to leave. Marco had just walked out the door and I wanted to go with him but when I started walking towards the door a conga line started and I just couldn't get out of it. Every time it would wind up around the door and I thought I could leave they would yell "hey" and it'd be time to kick up my leg and I would miss the opportunity. It was extremely frustrating. In awake life I hate conga lines and now I do in my dreams as well.

The second dream was bizarre. I was at this corn field by a river at a camp of sorts and there were little chipmunks or beavers or some animals that swim in the water all around. There were people everywhere as well, just like at a normal camp.

I was sitting on a raft on the river with this kid who played in the school band with me when I was in 6th grade named Robby. In awake life I haven't seen this kid since probably 6th grade. We were just talking, sitting on the raft that was connected to the dock. Well I decided that I wanted to make out with this bald guy who was another one of the campers. I called him over to the raft and asked him to sit with us. Of course he also wanted to make out with me (duh!) so we started kissing. I remember feeling that he had some prickly things stuck in his head, like thorns. The next thing I knew we were naked under my comforter making out like crazy and Robby was gone but the raft had disconnected from the dock and we were floating very quickly down this muddy river.

This didn't bother baldy as we continued to make out. I asked him if he had any money because we were going to need to get off the river and take a cab back to camp and he said yes so we continued making out. Eventually I feel asleep on the raft and when I woke up again the bald guy was gone and it was just me on the river on this raft, naked, no money, with my comforter. I remember being panicked. The raft floated to the side of the river eventually in this little city. I asked a passerby what the name of the city was and they told me but I had never heard of it. I had no clue where I was.

I was so worried about where I was going to find clothing because I obviously couldn't just walk around wrapped up in my blanket. I was going to try to find a woman about my shape and size and ask her if I could borrow some of her clothing but all the women I was running into were Muslim women and I didn't want to have to wear the head wrap thingy (the burka) so I didn't want to ask them. For some reason I knew that they wouldn't be able to speak English with me either. I was wandering around the river bank when I finally woke up.

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