Saturday, January 19, 2008

I trip to the ice cream shop

Marco and I went to an ice cream shop and when we stepped in the door it was jam packed with people. The most amazing part was the line of ice creams. The shop was a big as a warehouse and had all different flavors of ice cream, there must have been a thousand different kinds all lined up down the length of the enormous building.

I remember feeling rushed by the "dipper" behind the counter, kind of like the soup Nazi on Seinfeld. I knew I had to make my decisions and I had to do them quickly. I also knew that I had to chose 5 different kinds. I chose orange, lemon and mint chocolate chip (which was white, not green and I was worried about that fact in the dream). I don't remember what my other two scoops were but when I was done ordering the dipper man took my ice cream in his hand, pressed it into a ball and rolled it in a vat of crushed nuts. I don't like crushed nuts but I knew I couldn't argue. Then he threw my ball of ice cream into a deep fryer and finally handed it to me. I was so disappointed and grossed out.

I turned to Marco and told him he should be sure to ask for no nuts and he should order orange and lemon. Then I woke up.

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