Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christmas Shopping/Mean Sister/Korean Murderer/Keith

In this dream I was at Thanksgiving with my family and we decided to go shopping for Christmas in a great big warehouse store. We were walking through the warehouse and everybody in it was kid sized but not really kids. They weren't midgets or little people, just really small adults. Everybody was having the climb on ladders to reach anything.

We didn't like anything at the store so we went back home where I saw my sister. For some reason I was being really mean to her and calling her horrible names. Eventually I stopped being a horrible person and I went into the house where my family was.

I saw the food for Thanksgiving dinner and was mad because my Mom wasn't making anything I liked. I kept asking her to please making something that I liked and she wouldn't. Eventually she decided to make potato salad. I was helping her with that when my Aunt Doris announced that our little Korean kid, who apparently was our cousin, was being honored for murdering in the war. It was a tradition that when he came back from the murders he had to eat hot pie that came directly out of the oven in a ceremony. He was getting ready for the ceremony when we started dancing. I danced with Marco but when the song was over my friend Keith was waving to me and mouthing that next time he wanted to dance with me. I said okay.

The hot pie eating ceremony was beginning and the little Korean murdering boy was dressed all in white with a big puffy chefs hat on. Then I was awake.

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