Saturday, January 19, 2008

Guns, grandma and warthogs.

I was with my friend Alexandra and we were with this group of people who had illegal guns in this hotel. We were very afraid of what was going on but didn't dare say anything for fear of being killed. We finally found where they were hiding the guns in a hidden hole under the floor in this one room that was like an apartment. We decided it was best if we tried to get away from these people as they were taking the guns out and getting ready to use them somewhere. We hid in the shower behind the curtain which was a dark hunter green color. Alexandra frantically waved me into the shower and we hid there quietly as all of the gun people ran around the room and finally out the door.

When it was safe we left the shower and went outside where my Uncle was going to go see my grandma. I wanted to go to so we got in the car. When we got to her house there was a very steep set of rickety steps leading up to her house. I remember thinking that I doubted my grandma lived up there because she couldn't walk very well and these steps would be hard for her to get up and down. I climbed up and sure enough, there she was.

Next thing I knew I was at my sister's house and we were watching her kids run around and my dog was playing in the yard. He was running around and barking. I was arguing with my sister because her son didn't have any clothes on, just underwear. When I looked at her to talk to her a warthog walked in a put it's head on her lap. I screamed "what is that!" and her and her husband explained that they were going to kill the warthogs at the pound and they just couldn't let that happen so they decided to bring them home. A second warthog walked in but their skin was really brown and shiny and looked like light brown raisins. I just knew in my heart that this warthog was going to attack my nephew B and my sister said "well B will have to learn how to run faster". I was appalled. Then I woke up.

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