Saturday, December 29, 2007

Physical Therapy

I didn't write down this dream in time to remeber the whole thing but I do remember bits and pieces of it.

I was in a hospital of sorts with my family. My old roomate, P, was there and she had apparently just given birth. Her whole family was there too. We were all in a recovery room and they were making us learn how to recover from giving birth, both men and women had t participate.

Apparently to fully recover from birthing a child you have to lay on your back with a big metal cart between your legs (the ones that they use to pass out food trays in hospitals). You must put your hands behind your back and lift the heavy metal carts with your ankles. Be careful not to drop the cart on your face. That would hurt. We did the exercise a few times over and it was really difficult to do.

The rest of the dream was kind of blurry. I remember having to pee several times during the dream though. Of course when I awoke I had to pee really badly.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

On Broadway or is it a wedding?

This dream was yet another broadway production dream of mine including choreographed dancing, big ball gowns and tuxedos. I wonder why so many of my dreams are in this format? Anyway, here's the latest...

I was at a big ball of some sorts and I sat down to take a rest. I found an empty seat and as I crossed the room to sit in it I noticed that the people who were sitting there was a classmate of mine from middle school and his family. As I sat I said hello to his sister first and then Jeron, my classmate, said "hey Sarah long time no see, wasn't I just in your dream a few weeks ago?" (which in awake life is true, about a month ago he was in my dream again but I haven't seen this guy in real life in about 8 years). He introduced me to his parents and his dad looked just like him. (in awake life this guys parents both passed away).

I sat and talked with his sister for a while until my dad called me over for a family picture. I noticed I did have shoes on but I had on a black dress. I found some shoes and put them on but they were really really high heels making me about 8 feet tall. I could feel my ankles shaking in the shoes because the heels were so high. When I stepped in to get my picture taken I towered above the rest of my family. The photographer was pissed and said "why didn't somebody tell me there would be a giant in the picture before I set everything up. Now everything is ruined!".

Then the dance floor filled up and my brother's friend from school, Matt was leading a little dancing game. I asked him if I could play and he said yes but he wouldn't tell me the rules. People were running in sort of a conga line, tagging each other and whispering one anothers names but it was so fast that I couldn't hear what else they were saying. I tagged a few people and said their names but I just didn't get it.

Then the regular old dancing began. I tried dancing but apparently I was wearing pants under my dress and they kept riding up over my knees and bunching between my thighs. I kept subtly trying to pull my pants back down because my pasty white legs were showing. I thought I did a good job at doing it without anybody seeing.

I left the dance floor to run into a family that I was friends with when I was in high school, the Jones family. They asked me to take a picture of them with their camera. I said sure and grabbed the camera. It looked like an old fashioned polaroid but it was digital and I couldn't figure out how to work it. I was turning it around and around in my hands and I pushed a button and realized I was watching a video of myself on the dance floor from just a few moments ago. The Jones' videotaped me! It was a close up shot of me trying to subtly pull my pants down under my dress but the camera zoned in on my ample fleshy white thighs. I was mortified! Then the video showed me tripping over my pants on the floor and then having to roll around on the floor trying to get up. I looked like a fish out of water but I couldn't remember that actually happening. Then the Jones Dad snatched the camera out of my hands and said "forget it, you can't figure out how to work it."

Then I woke up. What a strange bizarro dream. I think it's so odd that "characters" reappear from one dream to another and remember they were in another dream. I don't know why I keep dreaming of my brother's friends from high school either. And what's up with the video of me exposing my thighs to the Jones family and falling on the dance floor? How demented.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Airplane Bathrooms

Last night I was sitting on a flight with Marco. I was in the aisle seat because I kept having to get up to go to the bathroom. After the 4th time of getting up Marco was getting really mad at me and I just kept telling him I couldn't help it. He just kept getting angrier and angrier and I was so confused because it just wasn't like him.

The airplane bathroom was small, like a normal airplane bathroom but it had a mirror above the door with a dark wooden frame. I kept thinking that it looked out of place. I also noticed that each time I went into the bathroom it was like I was in a different phase of a party. The first time I went in it was normal. The second time I went in there were streamers hung up. The third time I went in there were cards opened with the torn enveloped laying around. The fourth time I went in there were plates with scraps of chocolate cake with white icing left on them. I couldn't figure out who was having a party in the bathroom.

When I woke up I had to pee really badly. Imagine that.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Potty Train/Mean Sarah/Sandwich shop dream

This dream began with me being in the woods with my family either having a picnic or bbq or camping out or something. In awake life this is not something my family would do together, in the woods. My nephew T, was running towards the house because he had to go to the bathroom...#2 apparently. He was too short to reach the door handle and was jumping up and down but by time my brother got there to help him it was too late... T's pants runneth over. My brother took him inside and cleaned him up but I was just totally grossed out about the whole thing. T came back outside and came up and held my hand and I remember getting creepy goose bumps thinking "gross, this kid just crapped himself and how he's holding my hand".

I left my family to get into the pool, which was no longer in the woods. The pool was full of people that I didn't know with the exception of my friend Liz. I went to talk to her and was rummaging through her purse because I was starving and I knew that she kept these little fruit chewy candies in there for her kids. As I was rummaging around and we were talking I could see her son, C, coming up behind me to scare me as a joke. I decided that I was going to play a joke on him instead and as he got really close to me I said to Liz, "So did you ever tell C that you found him under a rock?" When I turned around to laugh with him, C's expression was of utter shock, disbelief and disappointment. He was so hurt and I felt like a total jerk. This didn't stop me from taking the fruit candy though and walking into the open pharmacy that resided in the pool. Hey, we all have issues, right?

Apparently I didn't need any drugs from the pool pharmacy but I did need a sandwich. My sister was suddenly there looking at a menu with me. I recognized the menu but couldn't quite put my finger on where I knew it from. The place was just packed with people ordering sandwiches. My sister reminded me that we used to go there all the time when we were in high school because this cute guy worked there and we loved to oogle him. She then told me that the place was losing business in recent years and was going to have to shut down so they decided as a last ditch effort that they would have to find the cute guy and re-hire him back so business would pick up again. Apparently this worked because the place was bursting with business. I looked at the menu and it was made out of paper plates painted as purple rhinoceroses. I remembered that I used to order the monkey sandwich, which was a steak and cheese, back in the day of mall bangs and braces.

Then I woke up, hungry. Anybody have time to run me over a Breadstretchers?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Getting away from the bee

Again this dream contains my friend Liz. We were at a hotel in the middle of the town where I grew up and there was a swimming pool at the bottom of it. I was running late and when I arrived at the pool everybody was there. It was Liz, my grandma (who is dead in awake life but has been in many of my dreams since being pg), my sister (who is also making more and more appearances in my dreams) and Liz's brother and some other people I didn't know.

I got in the pool but when I was swimming over to the side to talk to everybody a bee started buzzing around my head. I went under the water to get away from him but every time I'd come up for air the bee would already be heading for my head, full speed.

I went up for air quite a few times but each time the bee was getting closer and closer to stinging me. That's when I discovered that if I laid flat on my back in the water that I could just pick the water up like it was a blanket, pull it off of my face, and then put it back down in place. This way the bee couldn't see my head as it didn't have to come out of the water and therefore couldn't sting me. So I just laid in the pool and uncovered my face when I needed some air.

Then I woke up!

Dumb kids, Ice Skating and the Abused Woman

Most of my dreams this week have been work related so I haven't posted them. Dreaming about my French clients being impossible pains in the asses isn't something that I really feel like reliving but I did write down this dream that I had last week that was so bizarro.

I was at my friend Liz and Greg's house and they had 4 kids (in real life they have two). I was talking to Liz about the kids and she just kept saying how they really loved the older two but didn't really like the youngest. I thought it was strange so I talked to her husband about it and he confirmed the same feelings "We really love Audrey and Cooper (their REAL life kids) but yeah those younger two... I just don't like them, especially that Steve". (who in the dream was their 2 or 3 year old son but in real life doesn't exist.)

So I went with Liz to go get lunch and she kept eating all of these desserts and afterwards saying "well that wasn't very good". She wouldn't share any of them with me and she was really sucking them down. So I asked her again what was wrong with her kids that she didn't like them and she said "well the baby is okay I guess but that Steve is just so dumb." Then she proceeded to animatedly make fun of her son, mocking his talking, the way he walked, the way he couldn't button his own coat (he was 2 or 3 after all). I was just shocked yet amused. I kept thinking how funny she was but then at the same time thinking about poor little Steve. Then suddenly I was at a sporting event, sans Liz and her horrible fake kids.

The sporting event was held at my brother's old high school and everybody was speaking Dutch. The event was over and Marco and I had to go home to my parent's house but the roads were all covered in ice so we had to ice skate home. (Neither of us can ice skate in awake life). I started on my way with Marco wobbling behind but he said I was going too fast and he didn't feel safe because he didn't know the roads well enough and thought he was going to get hit by a car. So I told him we could pull over at the side of the road and go down some side streets.

When we pulled off the road we went under an underpass where there was a table set up. On the table was a little puppy dog wrapped in a blanket. He looked cold and there was a slipper next to him so I also put him in the slipper to make him warmer. I asked Marco whose dog he thought it could be. Just then a woman and three little girls, all with long brown hair, came under the underpass and took the dog. She asked if we spoke English. I said 'of course' and she said well I've been to every gas station in town and they all speak Dutch! I asked her what they were doing under the underpass and she said they were just looking for somewhere to stay. She wouldn't say it but somehow when I looked in her eyes I knew she was being abused by her husband and was running away.

I decided I had to help her. We went to the next gas station (I'm not sure what I was going to do for her in the gas station) but I was interrupted by a phone call from Graeme (in awake life I really do work with him) asking me when I was going to be at work because they needed me. I knew I was supposed to be at work but I just had a 'feeling' I was supposed to be helping this woman and her kids. I told him that right now I am where I am "supposed to be" and I didn't know if I'd ever be coming into work.

I never did get to find out if I helped the woman and kids because then I woke up.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Brother's Wacky Wedding.

This dream happened the night before I found out I was pregnant. I was at my brother's wedding which was held at my old Junior High School, apparently. I would like to preface this by saying one of the regular happenings in my dreams is that my life is a musical or a bit Bollywood-ish. Everything is a big show. So... back to the dream.

I walked into the gym and was searching for my parents to tell them I was going to marry Mark because I was pregnant (in awake life I'm married, to Marc-O and at this time didn't know, but had a suspicion, that I was pregnant). I walked all around looking for them and finally went through the back of the stage and when I came out the other side there were bouncers standing at the door that wouldn't let me pass by into the gym because the bride and groom were about to have their first dance as husband and wife. (I guess I missed the ceremony).

So this crazy dance music starts and all 10 of her bridesmaids come running out from behind a curtain and kind of do a run-and-slide-across-the-floor-on-your-knees thing and fling their arms up in the air. Big smiles! I noticed that one of the twins (Allie or Abbie) my brother went to school with was a bridesmaid and she was wearing a really pretty red gown. They all had different colored gowns on but the red one stuck out for some reason. I thought to myself, as the maids held their pose, WOW Jill (my brother's wife) must have really had to search hard to find so many bridesmaids that were good dancers.

The music continued and out walked my brother in his tuxedo. Bridesmaids still holding their position on the floor, arms flung in the air. Then the spotlight hits the giant door and this gi-normous woman walks out in this huge long wedding gown. That can't be Jill! She's a short stuff!

That's when the dancing men came out (presumably groomsmen) and grabbed the hem of the dress and started spinning Jill around and around. As they did so the dress came unraveled to reveal that she was standing on stilts! It WAS Jill! YAY!!!!! She was wearing long silk red pants that covered the stilts but you could still see she was balancing on them. The girl had skill, dancing on those things.

Then I woke up.

War at the Football Field

This was last nights nightmare. I was going to watch some football game at the school where my brother went to high school. We were going to go sit in the bleachers but were told not to. Apparently the "enemy" was going to be sitting in the bleachers and we had to set the bombs before they arrived.

We were all handed our 'bombs' to spread throughout the bleachers. These bombs looked like, if I remember from my day in the pharmacy, Celebrex tablets. The bombs were white capsules with two little blue rings on them. We scattered them as if they were birdseed.

Then things started going really wrong. It ended up we were going to be sitting in the bleachers that we just put the bombs in. OH NO! The bleachers were filling up. I could see a bunch of kids that my brother went to school with and my mom. I ran to my mom to warn her and as I did a church that was off in the distance blew up. We could all see it. Then a building in the field next to the church blew up. I knew they were going to blow up the bleachers soon. I had to save my family.

I ran to my mom to tell her there were bombs in the bleachers and that I couldn't find Dad and she had to get out of there. She said "no, if your Dad's not here then I'm okay "going" this way."

Well okay lady, fine with me. I ran to go find my Dad. I just knew he could talk some sense into her. Just then soldiers were coming into the bleachers off of the big yellow school bus. I scrunched my shoulders up, squinted my eyes and ducked my head like you do when you're anticipating something going to wack you on the head and apparently this was the key to getting past the soldiers. They couldn't see me. I was able to run right by them to the front of the bus. Maybe squinting in dreams gives you invisibility powers? Who knows.

On the bus was my cousin Jason (who I haven't seen in real life for YEARS) and he was a rock star. He was telling me that nobody was going to kill him because he had this kick ass car and he needed to get off this bus and into his car. He pointed to his car and as he did it exploded. He stayed on the bus and crawled into a little cubby hole where you're supposed to put suitcases. Some rockstar!

I finally saw my Dad. He was wearing blue jean shorts, knee socks and tennis shoes with a grey t-shirt. I'd recognize that guy anywhere, even in my dreams!

He was okay and he knew a way out of the fields so we'd be safe. More soldiers walked by and we both did the scrunch-shoulders-squint-eyes-duck-head maneuver and got past them. We were going into the nearby forest when...

I woke up and had to pee.

Falling Bathtubs

I was on my way to the airport to tell my sister that she shouldn't get on her flight. For some reason I was in the actual field of the airport, not the building part of the airport with the terminals and whatnot. As I'm running through the field, which also contained a small neighborhood, I noticed out of the corner of one eye a white porcelain bathtub falling out of the sky, landing on the ground with a THUD and a man in a blue bathrobe falling quickly behind it. Second THUD.

Hmm... that's odd.

Then on the other side of the field was another bathtub falling, this time with a woman falling with it in a pink bathrobe and slippers. THUD. THUD.

Another quick turn to my left and a rather large hottub looking thing smashed into the nearby limousine. THUD. I saw the door ripped off and the driver slump over.

Marco! We have to get inside one of these houses! We're going to get hit by a bathtub!

I tried to lift my head to the sky to see if a bathtub was heading in my direction but I was unable to move my neck no matter which way I tried. I could just feel that I was about to be crushed though.

Then I woke up.

Waving Baby

This dream started with me going to the bathroom to see lots of blood. I thought I was going to miscarry. As I cried to my husband I found that he had packed a special flashlight that could see into my belly. How perfect. When he shined the light on my stomach I could see our little girl (she was a girl in the dream, we don't know if we're having a girl) in there sitting on a little three legged stool (think mushroom) in a cotton sundress, drawing on a board. Everything was kind of a peach color and her face wasn't defined or anything. I couldn't see her eyes or nose...she was just an outline. She did have little wispy chicken hair on the top and sides of her head. When she spotted the light that Marco was shining at her, she turned her little head to us (actually it was kind of a big alien type of head), smiled and waved real big, as if to tell me she was okay.