Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Potty Train/Mean Sarah/Sandwich shop dream

This dream began with me being in the woods with my family either having a picnic or bbq or camping out or something. In awake life this is not something my family would do together, in the woods. My nephew T, was running towards the house because he had to go to the bathroom...#2 apparently. He was too short to reach the door handle and was jumping up and down but by time my brother got there to help him it was too late... T's pants runneth over. My brother took him inside and cleaned him up but I was just totally grossed out about the whole thing. T came back outside and came up and held my hand and I remember getting creepy goose bumps thinking "gross, this kid just crapped himself and how he's holding my hand".

I left my family to get into the pool, which was no longer in the woods. The pool was full of people that I didn't know with the exception of my friend Liz. I went to talk to her and was rummaging through her purse because I was starving and I knew that she kept these little fruit chewy candies in there for her kids. As I was rummaging around and we were talking I could see her son, C, coming up behind me to scare me as a joke. I decided that I was going to play a joke on him instead and as he got really close to me I said to Liz, "So did you ever tell C that you found him under a rock?" When I turned around to laugh with him, C's expression was of utter shock, disbelief and disappointment. He was so hurt and I felt like a total jerk. This didn't stop me from taking the fruit candy though and walking into the open pharmacy that resided in the pool. Hey, we all have issues, right?

Apparently I didn't need any drugs from the pool pharmacy but I did need a sandwich. My sister was suddenly there looking at a menu with me. I recognized the menu but couldn't quite put my finger on where I knew it from. The place was just packed with people ordering sandwiches. My sister reminded me that we used to go there all the time when we were in high school because this cute guy worked there and we loved to oogle him. She then told me that the place was losing business in recent years and was going to have to shut down so they decided as a last ditch effort that they would have to find the cute guy and re-hire him back so business would pick up again. Apparently this worked because the place was bursting with business. I looked at the menu and it was made out of paper plates painted as purple rhinoceroses. I remembered that I used to order the monkey sandwich, which was a steak and cheese, back in the day of mall bangs and braces.

Then I woke up, hungry. Anybody have time to run me over a Breadstretchers?

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