Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dumb kids, Ice Skating and the Abused Woman

Most of my dreams this week have been work related so I haven't posted them. Dreaming about my French clients being impossible pains in the asses isn't something that I really feel like reliving but I did write down this dream that I had last week that was so bizarro.

I was at my friend Liz and Greg's house and they had 4 kids (in real life they have two). I was talking to Liz about the kids and she just kept saying how they really loved the older two but didn't really like the youngest. I thought it was strange so I talked to her husband about it and he confirmed the same feelings "We really love Audrey and Cooper (their REAL life kids) but yeah those younger two... I just don't like them, especially that Steve". (who in the dream was their 2 or 3 year old son but in real life doesn't exist.)

So I went with Liz to go get lunch and she kept eating all of these desserts and afterwards saying "well that wasn't very good". She wouldn't share any of them with me and she was really sucking them down. So I asked her again what was wrong with her kids that she didn't like them and she said "well the baby is okay I guess but that Steve is just so dumb." Then she proceeded to animatedly make fun of her son, mocking his talking, the way he walked, the way he couldn't button his own coat (he was 2 or 3 after all). I was just shocked yet amused. I kept thinking how funny she was but then at the same time thinking about poor little Steve. Then suddenly I was at a sporting event, sans Liz and her horrible fake kids.

The sporting event was held at my brother's old high school and everybody was speaking Dutch. The event was over and Marco and I had to go home to my parent's house but the roads were all covered in ice so we had to ice skate home. (Neither of us can ice skate in awake life). I started on my way with Marco wobbling behind but he said I was going too fast and he didn't feel safe because he didn't know the roads well enough and thought he was going to get hit by a car. So I told him we could pull over at the side of the road and go down some side streets.

When we pulled off the road we went under an underpass where there was a table set up. On the table was a little puppy dog wrapped in a blanket. He looked cold and there was a slipper next to him so I also put him in the slipper to make him warmer. I asked Marco whose dog he thought it could be. Just then a woman and three little girls, all with long brown hair, came under the underpass and took the dog. She asked if we spoke English. I said 'of course' and she said well I've been to every gas station in town and they all speak Dutch! I asked her what they were doing under the underpass and she said they were just looking for somewhere to stay. She wouldn't say it but somehow when I looked in her eyes I knew she was being abused by her husband and was running away.

I decided I had to help her. We went to the next gas station (I'm not sure what I was going to do for her in the gas station) but I was interrupted by a phone call from Graeme (in awake life I really do work with him) asking me when I was going to be at work because they needed me. I knew I was supposed to be at work but I just had a 'feeling' I was supposed to be helping this woman and her kids. I told him that right now I am where I am "supposed to be" and I didn't know if I'd ever be coming into work.

I never did get to find out if I helped the woman and kids because then I woke up.

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