Saturday, December 15, 2007

Getting away from the bee

Again this dream contains my friend Liz. We were at a hotel in the middle of the town where I grew up and there was a swimming pool at the bottom of it. I was running late and when I arrived at the pool everybody was there. It was Liz, my grandma (who is dead in awake life but has been in many of my dreams since being pg), my sister (who is also making more and more appearances in my dreams) and Liz's brother and some other people I didn't know.

I got in the pool but when I was swimming over to the side to talk to everybody a bee started buzzing around my head. I went under the water to get away from him but every time I'd come up for air the bee would already be heading for my head, full speed.

I went up for air quite a few times but each time the bee was getting closer and closer to stinging me. That's when I discovered that if I laid flat on my back in the water that I could just pick the water up like it was a blanket, pull it off of my face, and then put it back down in place. This way the bee couldn't see my head as it didn't have to come out of the water and therefore couldn't sting me. So I just laid in the pool and uncovered my face when I needed some air.

Then I woke up!

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