Saturday, December 29, 2007

Physical Therapy

I didn't write down this dream in time to remeber the whole thing but I do remember bits and pieces of it.

I was in a hospital of sorts with my family. My old roomate, P, was there and she had apparently just given birth. Her whole family was there too. We were all in a recovery room and they were making us learn how to recover from giving birth, both men and women had t participate.

Apparently to fully recover from birthing a child you have to lay on your back with a big metal cart between your legs (the ones that they use to pass out food trays in hospitals). You must put your hands behind your back and lift the heavy metal carts with your ankles. Be careful not to drop the cart on your face. That would hurt. We did the exercise a few times over and it was really difficult to do.

The rest of the dream was kind of blurry. I remember having to pee several times during the dream though. Of course when I awoke I had to pee really badly.

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