Saturday, December 22, 2007

On Broadway or is it a wedding?

This dream was yet another broadway production dream of mine including choreographed dancing, big ball gowns and tuxedos. I wonder why so many of my dreams are in this format? Anyway, here's the latest...

I was at a big ball of some sorts and I sat down to take a rest. I found an empty seat and as I crossed the room to sit in it I noticed that the people who were sitting there was a classmate of mine from middle school and his family. As I sat I said hello to his sister first and then Jeron, my classmate, said "hey Sarah long time no see, wasn't I just in your dream a few weeks ago?" (which in awake life is true, about a month ago he was in my dream again but I haven't seen this guy in real life in about 8 years). He introduced me to his parents and his dad looked just like him. (in awake life this guys parents both passed away).

I sat and talked with his sister for a while until my dad called me over for a family picture. I noticed I did have shoes on but I had on a black dress. I found some shoes and put them on but they were really really high heels making me about 8 feet tall. I could feel my ankles shaking in the shoes because the heels were so high. When I stepped in to get my picture taken I towered above the rest of my family. The photographer was pissed and said "why didn't somebody tell me there would be a giant in the picture before I set everything up. Now everything is ruined!".

Then the dance floor filled up and my brother's friend from school, Matt was leading a little dancing game. I asked him if I could play and he said yes but he wouldn't tell me the rules. People were running in sort of a conga line, tagging each other and whispering one anothers names but it was so fast that I couldn't hear what else they were saying. I tagged a few people and said their names but I just didn't get it.

Then the regular old dancing began. I tried dancing but apparently I was wearing pants under my dress and they kept riding up over my knees and bunching between my thighs. I kept subtly trying to pull my pants back down because my pasty white legs were showing. I thought I did a good job at doing it without anybody seeing.

I left the dance floor to run into a family that I was friends with when I was in high school, the Jones family. They asked me to take a picture of them with their camera. I said sure and grabbed the camera. It looked like an old fashioned polaroid but it was digital and I couldn't figure out how to work it. I was turning it around and around in my hands and I pushed a button and realized I was watching a video of myself on the dance floor from just a few moments ago. The Jones' videotaped me! It was a close up shot of me trying to subtly pull my pants down under my dress but the camera zoned in on my ample fleshy white thighs. I was mortified! Then the video showed me tripping over my pants on the floor and then having to roll around on the floor trying to get up. I looked like a fish out of water but I couldn't remember that actually happening. Then the Jones Dad snatched the camera out of my hands and said "forget it, you can't figure out how to work it."

Then I woke up. What a strange bizarro dream. I think it's so odd that "characters" reappear from one dream to another and remember they were in another dream. I don't know why I keep dreaming of my brother's friends from high school either. And what's up with the video of me exposing my thighs to the Jones family and falling on the dance floor? How demented.

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