Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mom at the airport

I dreamed that I went to the airport with Marco to pick up my mom. When we got there we walked to the first terminal and there she was dragging her carry on bag up the aisle towards us. I ran to her and immediately started crying. I remember hugging her so tight in my dream and just crying tears of joy that she was really there. I didn't let her go for a very long time. We continued to get the rest of her luggage, walk through the airport, get in the car... and the entire time I was bawling because I was so happy to have her here with me.

This dream has an obvious direct correlation between the fact that yesterday my mom told me she was getting her passport all in line so she can come see us after the baby is born. She'll come in September. It will be her first trip here and I cannot wait for her to arrive! I haven't seen anybody in my family since April of last year when we were in the US and I miss them dearly.

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